Vegan Sunday Meal Preparation

Even vegans need a rest! Weekends are the best because they give you a break from the hectic work week. Usually, Sunday is a special day when my family has that one mouth watering meal to help prepare for the week ahead. As a child my mother always kept some of her best recipes for Sunday lunch. Now it is up to me to keep up the tradition while making it all vegan, right?

Vegan meal

Just one problem to be considered, what am I going to cook? It is not going to be unique if I keep making the same thing week after week. Maybe, you can relate to this… you are thinking of making a vegan dish and just can’t seem to source the correct vegan substitute to make it happen.

Sometimes its not always about availability but price! Sure, your local grocers might have one or two items that you can run and pick up but at what cost? Local retailers, as much as I like to support local, most times do not offer a budget price. If that vegan food product is too expensive you may start to consider changing your mind about the kind of vegan dish you want to prepare.

Instead of frustrating myself one of the the things I do is check online to see who offers what I need at the best price. This can take up a lot of time as I have to visit each retailer and enter their search options. Recently, I’ve found that this site does a good job of providing the best price from multiple retailers at the same time.

For example, there was this particular recipe that called for the use of a slow cook crock-pot. Mine was no longer working so a quick search on revealed the variety available from different retailers. The site showed me one in particular that caught my eye. It was being sold on Amazon as the Crock-pot SCV700-KT at a discounted price! That saved me a lot on time and frustration. Order placed!

By the way, did you know that crock-pots aren’t a new invention? According to wikipedia,

“Slow cookers achieved popularity in the US during the 1940s, when many women began to work outside the home. They could start dinner cooking in the morning before going to work and finish preparing the meal in the evening when they came home.”

Of course, like anything else, preparation is key. I usually like to do things way in advance so I am not ‘spinning top in mud’ close to the time I need to take action. I know some kitchen masters will just decide there and then to make something on the spot but sometimes being vegan takes a little more thought than spur of the moment actions.

Therefore, each start of the week I plan the menu for the following week. Part of that planning process is to ensure I have both the ingredients and kitchen tools necessary.

What are some of the advanced steps you take for vegan Sunday meals? Do you make it special in some way or is it like any other meal during the week?

Possible option for your next Sunday Vegan meal: Healthy Vegan Granola Bars

Review Of Vistro In Long Circular Mall


The following is a review. Today I had the opportunity to visit Vistro, a new cozy Vegetarian/Vegan restaurant located in the food court section at Long Circular Mall, St. James. I was warmly welcomed by Giselle, one of the owners. She went through the menu with me and explained the different vegan options they have to offer.

A little disclaimer: This post is an honest review for my followers. Vistro didn’t sponsor this blog post and I purchased my meal. I say this to ensure you understand that the review is a non-bias one and I hope it can be helpful if you happen to visit them and you’re not sure what to order.

One of the first things I noticed from their menu is that they cater mainly for vegetarians (hence their name Vistro, souly vegetarian) and even though you might be able to “veganize” some of their dishes, I’m not sure what you will have left if you take away all the dairy.

For instance, their loaded baked potatoes, both sweet and regular contains sour cream, cheese, butter and grilled broccoli. However, if you opt out of the cheese, sour cream and butter you will have simply a baked potato with broccoli.

If you pick their Veggie Aldredo it contains heavy cream and Parmesan cheese. They can do a toss up in olive oil without the cream and cheese though but will that be Alfredo?

Sandwich wise they have sundried tomato pesto panini with mozzarella…. They we can hold the mozzarella for you if you wish.

As I said, they cater mainly for vegetarians but they have a few Vegan options on their menu: All patties, roasted veggies, hummus, black bean soup, falafel, Mediterranean sandwich and salads (Quinoa, cilantro roasted corn and garden delight).

I looked through the menu carefully and I chose their lentil and corn burger with seasoned roasted vegetables. I ate the veggies first and they were well seasoned and nicely cooked. They had a little bite to it which I think is very enticing (Who wants to eat soggy veggies?!).

Then I tried the lentil corn burger and I was very pleased with the flavors. Even though generally speaking, lentil burgers aren’t hard to make, making a tasty lentil burger is key. It was very well seasoned and nicely grilled.


Let’s talk about prices now. Like most businesses catering for vegans, I found the prices a little on the high end. I paid $30.00TT for the lentil and corn burger and $15.00TT for the roasted veggies, a total of $46.99TT including taxes.


Now, I’m always careful about how I spend money. I couldn’t avoid making a few comparisons such as getting a big meal of provisions, beans and salad or even a big roti for way less money.

Having said that, it is a nice treat and option to have if you wish to try something different. I look forward seeing more meal-like options with generous portions. Perhaps some more pasta dishes on their menu that can cater exclusively for vegans. A vegan lasagna, a vegan Alfredo and why not, a nice vegan Mexican chili.

Another factor that I thought was worth mentioning was the fact that both the burger and veggies were served in eco-friendly compostable packages. They are low carbon and made from renewable or recycled materials. In 2017, and knowing the impact that materials have in our environment, this is definitely commendable.

If you happen to visit Vistro, please feel free to leave a comment.